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“Zachariah George represents that class of entrepreneur and investor that is ahead of his time, but not too far as to miss the key opportunities in the markets today. Zachariah's knowledge of the Africa market and the way to ensure soft-landing into it is exceptional, especially in the start-up arena. His understanding of global investors and African opportunities is exceptional.”

Garreth Bloor, City Councillor and Member of the Mayoral Committee – City of Cape Town

“Zachariah is a talented corporate financier who delivers exceptional quality work consistently. He has the ability to unpack complex financial and investment concepts through financial models that are easy to understand and addresses the nub of the matter simply and concisely. Zachariah instills confidence in his clients as he guides them through critical business decisions with his extraordinary analytic ability and persuasive presentation skills. I recommend him for any role that utilizes his exceptional abilities, as he is also a very charming and considerate person and a pleasure to work with.”

Charmaine Groves, Founder & Chairman, South African Business Resources Institute

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